Data Analytics & the Opioid Epidemic

This FBI article highlights recent action by the U.S. government to curb the opioid epidemic by charging more than 400 individuals for their alleged involvement in fraudulent schemes, including false Medicare billings. Many charges resulted from looking at trends and anomalies in submission and payment data at federal health insurance programs. The effect was widespread, with 41 federal districts affected. As noted in this Arkansas Business article, the dragnet even captured individuals not in the medical field.

As information becomes increasingly electronic, data analytics is an important and useful tool to combat fraud and abuse. Health institutions and pharmacies should consider using similar data analytics to be in front of the next dragnet and mitigate any potential liability. Learn more about BKD’s Big Data & Analytics services or contact your trusted advisor to discuss how data analytics might be able to help your company.


Brian specializes in providing fraud investigation and forensic accounting services with BKD. He has investigated allegations of fraud in a variety of companies and organizations, including privately held companies, financial institutions and local, state and federal governmental entities. Prior to joining BKD, Brian spent 10 years as a municipal law enforcement officer, including more than seven with the Springfield, Missouri, Police Department.

Brian Gordon – who has written posts on BKD Forensics.

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