Data Dashboards – Taking Data from Invisible to Invaluable

More industries turn to data analytics and online dashboards these days to visualize and understand large data sets. Whether you’re preparing for a bundled payment model in the health care industry or want a better way to analyze your company’s deposits and expenses, dashboards can help you quickly gain insights.

So what makes an online dashboard so enticing? It’s having the ability to interact with data, rather than studying a static report or graph. Dashboards allow you to view data graphically on a grand scale or apply filters to gain detailed insights. Filters—such as demographics, time spans and amounts—are just some of the options you can apply to a graph or table to drill down further in your data.

Dashboards allow you to find the story behind your data. For instance, you can transform payroll information from innumerable columns and rows to graphs that show a trend in pay code hours per employee—or use expense data to see if certain departments spend more than anticipated.

If you have a data set, an online dashboard could be the tool your company needs to make more insightful, meaningful decisions. Watch this video to learn about our Analytics.BKD Platform and see it in action.


Maureen is a member of BKD’s Forensics & Valuation Services division and provides consulting services regarding data analytics to clients in multiple industries.

Maureen Birchler – who has written posts on BKD Forensics.

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