Big Data and Improving Ticket Revenue in College Athletics

In a forensics practice, we analyze large volumes of data to identify patterns, trends and other useful information to help answer strategic questions for organizations. One of the many ways we use data analytics is helping prevent college athletics ticket fraud. Data analytics help us ferret out instances where complimentary tickets have been inappropriately sold for profit or sought-after tickets to premium games have made their way into the hands of friends and family at extremely favorable pricing. Tickets are a valuable asset, and their appropriate custody and use should be monitored. That’s why a number of college and professional sports teams have taken advantage of our ticketing information services.

But the benefits of data analytics aren’t limited to ticket fraud prevention. Data analytics also can help colleges and universities better manage their ticket revenue by tracking which tickets are used, by whom and at what price. Our analysis indicates many tickets go unused or unsold for the majority of sporting events. In some cases, these untapped sales represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue. Primary contributors to these losses include underuse of complimentary tickets, poorly structured donor turn-back programs and too many “held” seats that are never released or are released too close to game time.

The good news is the information needed to analyze these issues is often already available in the school’s ticketing software. It only needs an effective data analytics team to help unlock its potential.=

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