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When discussing our hotline service with clients, we commonly get questions regarding the volume of reports. Most organizations will ask:

  • “Are we getting too few reports?”
  • “Are we getting too many reports?”
  • “How many reports can we expect?”

There’s no single answer to this question, as there are variables that come into play when appraising hotline usage; however, a volume metric does exist to give us some numbers. This metric says reports per 100 employees from organizations across all industries ranges from 0.3 – 6.5 per year, according to NAVEX Global. For example, an organization of 500 employees can expect to see anywhere from 1.5 to 32.5 reports per year. In general, at BKD, IntegraReport sees 5 to 10 meaningful reports per organization per year.

The reason for this wide range can be attributed to a number of topics:

Tone at the Top:

  • Ask:  Is there visible support of the hotline from upper management?
  • Added importance:  If upper management communicates the hotline to employees as something that is being taken seriously and is a significant avenue for reporting, employees will be more apt to consider the hotline as a credible opportunity to report unethical behavior.
  • Take action:  Key management should address the hotline in employee meetings, conference calls, newsletters, etc.

Proper communication of the hotline:

  • Ask:  Have employees received hotline information such as the phone number and web domain? Are they aware it’s a third-party anonymous hotline?
  • Added importance:  Statistics state 50 percent of hotline reports come outside of working hours. Employees must have the knowledge of where to take their reports, as well as the comfort of knowing they can remain anonymous. Encourage employees to acquaint themselves with the hotline by submitting a test report via the phone number or web domain.
  • Take action:  Promotion of the hotline will keep it “front of mind.” We suggest:
    • Posters in the break room
    • Business cards containing pertinent hotline information—BKD can provide templates
    • Quarterly email reminders about the hotline
    • Occasional postcards sent to the employee’s home

Ultimately, report volume is not a general topic; it is a case-by-case study. However, we are certain IntegraReport will be more successful within organizations if it is visibly supported by key management and employees are given every opportunity to learn how to use it.

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