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As unstructured data becomes more prevalent in the world of investigations, it is increasingly important for data analytics experts and computer forensics experts to work together. The results of analytics related to unstructured data are a valuable resource for investigators, as they provide insights beyond the financial aspects of a case. This primarily involves email but also includes Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and social media postings, among other file types.

I recently contributed a post to ACFE Insights on this topic as well as ways in which the worlds of data analytics and computer forensics can merge to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of an investigation. As a follow-up to that post, will have a series of posts related to this topic with contributions by experts in computer forensics and data analytics. This series will include more in-depth information on unstructured data analytics and how it is used in investigations.


Jeremy specializes in providing fraud investigation and forensic data mining services. He assists with fraud investigations through a variety of tasks, including interviewing employees, obtaining evidence, examining documents, analyzing large data sets, estimating losses and presenting findings. Jeremy has experience in using both ACL and IDEA data analysis software for forensic data mining and continuous auditing.

Jeremy Clopton – who has written posts on BKD Forensics.

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