Game Show Wins May Mean Big Losses

“Come on down!”

Have you ever hoped you would hear those words and have a chance to spin the big wheel? If so, you most definitely are not alone. In fact, according to this article, that was something a postal carrier in North Carolina was hoping for—and she got her chance.

There was only one problem:  She was receiving workers’ compensation benefits from her employer—for a shoulder injury. And, as we all know, it takes quite an effort to spin the “big wheel” and win big. This employee eventually pleaded guilty to fraud when her wheel spinning, among other activities, was discovered.

This case illustrates an important lesson that applies across all organizations and a number of different fraud schemes, not just workers’ compensation fraud. We need to be aware of our employees’ lifestyles. Whether it is appearances on game shows, new mansions, exotic cars or lavish gift giving, lifestyle changes can be an important clue in the detection of potential fraud. So the next time you are hanging around the water cooler, actually listen to the stories employees are telling. There may be some good clues for you about what’s really happening in your organization.

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Jeremy specializes in providing fraud investigation and forensic data mining services. He assists with fraud investigations through a variety of tasks, including interviewing employees, obtaining evidence, examining documents, analyzing large data sets, estimating losses and presenting findings. Jeremy has experience in using both ACL and IDEA data analysis software for forensic data mining and continuous auditing.

Jeremy Clopton – who has written posts on BKD Forensics.

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