How Much Time Are Your Employees Spending on Social Media While at Work?

On July 17, 2013, the national Ethics Resources Center (ERC) released its latest National Business Ethics Survey (NBES), NBES of Social Networkers:  New Risks and Opportunities at Work.

According to the ERC, this new study addresses “how social networking is affecting the way work gets done, reshaping relationships among workers at all levels of an organization, and altering attitudes about the type of conduct that is acceptable in the workplace.”

The report addresses some key issues that should be of concern to all organizations and companies. Findings from the just-released ERC report include:

  • A growing number of workers are getting paid for time spent on personal interests.
  • ŸNearly 75 percent of employees spend some portion of the workday on social media, with nearly 30 percent saying they spend an hour or more.
  • More than half of social media users are commenting on co-workers, managers, work projects and news stories regarding their company.

Access to social media at the workplace raises significant productivity issues—both positive and negative. The ERC study shines a light on these issues and the overall ethics and compliance implications of providing and permitting access to social media.


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