Meet BKD Forensics: Lanny Morrow

Lanny has experience in computer forensics and data mining and assisting attorneys in litigation and disputes by uncovering electronic data to be admitted into evidence. As part of the computer forensics team, he performs forensic image copying of computer media, as well as mining, analyzing and reporting on the recovered data.

He is currently involved in the text data mining initiative at BKD and is developing “predictive coding” technologies for use in mining textual data, such as email, document collections and computer hard drives using artificial intelligence. Such technologies allow investigators to search massive text collections for concepts, recurring themes, anomalies in communications and even emotions captured in text.

Lanny is certified as an EnCase® Certified Examiner (EnCE®), a designation awarded to computer forensics professionals who demonstrate expertise in recovering forensic data from computer systems using proper forensic methodology. He participates in more than 60 hours of continuing education each year. Lanny is a cum laude graduate of Missouri State University, Springfield, with B.S. degrees in finance and accounting.

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